Most Haunted Spots in Georgia

If this year hasn’t been spooky enough for you, or if you’re looking for a scare of a more paranormal variety, you won’t have to travel far to meet some of the most ghoulish spirits in North America. The peach state has a long and rich history — and accompanying ghost stories — that can be heard around the world, but if you want to know the most haunted places in Georgia, you’ll need to ask the locals. As Ringgold residents ourselves, the staff at Northgate RV Center knows a thing or two about the best local haunts.

Whether you’re a ghost-hunting buff looking for your October road-trip destination, or an easily scared travel enthusiast looking for a roadmap of places to avoid, we’ve compiled a local’s list of Georgia’s 5 most-haunted destinations. To kick us off, we’re heading about two hours south to Atlanta where we’ll take a look at our first haunted destination on our Ghosts of Georgia Road Trip.

Ansley Park (Atlanta, GA)

1. Ansley Park (Atlanta, GA)

Ansley Park is an intown residential district in Atlanta, Georgia, located just east of Midtown and west of Piedmont Park. One Ansley Park mansion on 15th Street is known for its paranormal activity. Built in 1912, this large historic home currently sits empty. While the plans for its restoration and future use are unknown, many neighbors have reported seeing dark figures in the windows while on their evening walks, and were reportedly concerned that ill-intentioned inhabitants may have taken up residence in the home

.Upon seeing a contractor in the driveway, one Ansley Park resident asked the contractor about the strange sightings. It’s been said that the contractor “laughed it off” and commented that there was nothing to be fearful of — but the residents of Ansley Park never saw the contractor or any workers again.

Although you cannot tour the home, there are many notable homes in this neighborhood that may be fun for history buffs and ghost hunters alike. You can also schedule a walking tour through the neighborhood with the Atlanta Preservation Center. While staying in Atlanta, you might consider lodging at the Atlanta Marietta RV Resort or the Sweetwater Creek RV Resort.

Oakland Cemetery (Atlanta, GA)

While you’re in Atlanta, you should schedule a visit to the Oakland Cemetery. Originally called the City Burial Place, Oakland Cemetery is the final resting place of close to 70,000 people, including governors, generals, clergymen, and several famous Georgia residents.

Among the beautiful 40 acres, the cemetery is also home to a large number of unknown confederate soldiers who are said to give a military-like roll call in the evening hours. Other gholish sightings include a Union soldier hung from a tree, and Jasper Newton Smith rising out of his statue in the middle of the night to watch over the cemetery.

Whether you visit for the sweeping vistas, spooky sightings, or to pay respects at a family grave marker, The Oakland Cemetery is sure to haunt your memories as one of your favorite destinations along the trip.

Windsor Hotel (Americus, GA)

Windsor Hotel (Americus, GA)

150 miles south of Atlanta in Americus, GA, you can find the Windsor Hotel. Built-in 1892 to attract winter visitors from the north, this Victorian hotel has hosted many notable people including former President Jimmy Carter. But, perhaps the most well-known guests are the ones who won’t leave.

Visitors have reported hearing child’s laughter and ear-piercing whales from a woman who many believe to be an in-residence housekeeper and her daughter — it’s said that they died after being pushed down the hotel’s elevator shaft in the early 1900s. According to employees, the ghost of Floyd Lowery, the hotel’s former doorman and elevator man for more than 40 years, can also be spotted on a regular basis.

While you’re there, make sure to stop by Floyd’s Pub to grab some grub and hear eye-witness accounts of paranormal occurrences. If you aren’t planning to spend the night for fear of fright, you might consider staying at the Americus KOA Camp Ground just outside of town.

Hay House (Macon, GA)

Hay House (Macon, GA)

After a good night’s rest, we’re going to head back northeast a bit to Macon, GA where we’ll find our next haunted destination. The Hay House is an 18,000-square-foot mansion built in the 1800s. Several families called this house their home before it was converted into a museum.

While guests are known to spot their fair share of fine antiques and art, staff and visitors have also reported chilling experiences including odd sounds, rapidly dropping temperatures, problems with the lights, and slamming doors. Others recall seeing the ghost of an elderly woman dressed in 1860 garb roaming the home’s vast hallways. One of the most haunted rooms in the home is the master bedroom, where visitors have heard wailing noises and felt taps on their shoulders, beckoning them to leave.

Whether you love Italian Renaissance Revival architecture or you’re looking for a scare, you don’t want to miss out on this paranormal estate. You can schedule a visit on their website, and while you’re in Macon, consider retiring to Safe Haven RV Park after your frightful encounter.

The Olde Pink House (Savannah, GA)

The Olde Pink House (Savannah, GA)

The fifth and final stop on our haunted tour of Georgia will land travelers in the heart of Savannah’s historic district on Reynolds Square.  Here, you can find a scary amount of local hauntings, but the Olde Pink House, a Georgian-style mansion built in 1771, is known to have some of the most paranormal activity in all of the state. Today, the home has been converted into an up-scale restaurant known for its southern cuisine, but its resident spirits draw the attention of ghost enthusiasts from around the country.

According to locals, the most common apparition is that of the former owner, who is said to appear mostly between October and March. Others have been spooked by the sight of a man dressed in Revolutionary-style clothing sitting at the end of the bar, only to disappear when people turn their backs on him. Perhaps the most disturbing sight for many folks is the ghosts of slave children who are said to have locked patrons in the downstairs bathroom.

While you’re in town enjoying the views and local haunts, consider staying at CreekFire Motor Ranch or the Red Gate Campground for a local experience you won’t soon forget.

This list only begins to scratch the surface of Georgia’s haunted history. Regardless of your feelings about spirits, confederate ghosts, and the paranormal, you cannot deny the beauty of our state in the fall. As you look to get out and enjoy the cooler weather, make sure your RV is fit for adventure. If you are in need of any parts or accessories, please contact Northgate RV Center today. And if you’re searching for a new or used RV, our experienced and friendly team can help you find the perfect RV to fit your lifestyle.

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