Choosing the Right RV Type for Your Snowbird Lifestyle

If you’ve never heard of the snowbird lifestyle, but you tend to seek out warmer climates when winter rolls around, you might actually be a part of a large community that refers to themselves as snowbirds! Even if you do know the definition of this term, you may be looking for the right type of RV to complement this lifestyle.

Any type of RV could work for this way of life, but it’s not so much about the RV as what you plan to do with your time during the winter months. If you want to park at a campground and relax there without much traveling, a motorhome might best fit, but if you want to explore and roam around the area, an RV like a travel trailer will work better.

In this blog, we’ll go through each type of RV, and then we’ll discuss what kind of snowbird you are and which rig best fits your needs.

RV Trailers

Travel trailer perfect for Snowbirds

The first thing to know about trailers is that you’ll need a separate and rather powerful vehicle to tow them with. For smaller trailers, a half-ton truck will probably work, but you’ll need closer to a ton truck if you choose a larger trailer. This is something to keep in mind if you don’t plan on having to purchase a new vehicle along with your rig.

Here are your towable RV options:

Fifth Wheels – These are amongst the largest trailers, which means they’re some of the heaviest and even require a special hitch. Fifth wheels are also some of the most luxurious towable RVs.

Toy Haulers – Toy haulers, you guessed it, come with space for your larger “toy” like an ATV. Any class of RV can be a toy hauler. Travel Trailers, Fifth Wheels, or motorhomes can all come in a Toy Hauler setup.

Travel Trailers – A wide variety of travel trailers are made in different sizes, shapes, measurements, and floor plans.

Pop-ups – Possibly one of the niftiest options, pop-ups fold down to almost taking up no space at all but still come with small kitchens and even bathrooms and showers. They must be unfolded before use, so if you don’t mind a bit of manual labor for setting up and tear down, look into pop-ups.


snowbird couple with a motorhome =

The biggest RVs on the road, Class As are huge homes on wheels. They can be simple or come with luxury kitchens, garages, pools, and even helicopters. Class B rigs are much smaller than the giant Class As and are sometimes called camper or sleeper vans. They are the smallest class of RVs, which means they’re more nimble than other classes. An option between the two previous are the Class C. These are a midsize option for those that want the space of Class A but the size and price of a Class B.

What kind of snowbird are you?

We won’t make you take a quiz, but thinking about what kind of lifestyle you’ll lead really is important.

If you want to get up and explore, venture out, and never sit still, you’ll probably do best with a towable so you can have your vehicle for travel. But, if you simply want to find a warm spot to park your RV at a resort and take advantage of all their events and facilities, a motorhome could be perfect for you.

What matters is your happiness, and choosing the right RV for you means you’ll be well on your way there. Happy snowbirding!

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