Boondocking vs. Glamping – What’s Your RV Style?

From humble pop-up campers to luxurious Class A motorhomes, there are so many different ways to RV. You can make RVing as lavish as a 5-star hotel stay or as minimal as a tent camping trip depending on the RV you choose. At Northgate RV Center, we know that our customers have a wide variety of RVing needs and preferences, and our inventory covers units of all varieties so that we can help you find the right RV for your camping style.

To help you determine what’s best for you, we’ve simplified things into two different categories: boondocking vs. glamping. Boondocking describes camping on public land without any water, sewer or power hookups, while glamping is the term for camping that’s so well-appointed, you won’t feel like you’re camping at all. We’ll explain how these two categories differ and which types of RV fit them to help you discover whether boondocking or glamping is your RV style.


Boondocking is for the adventurous camper who wants to be in the middle of nature and doesn’t mind giving up a few conveniences. You’ll be working with minimal water and power.  You’ll be trading that off for seclusion, views, and freedom. Most boondocking is done on public lands such as the Bureau of Land Management Land where you can get away from it all and take in the beauty around you. In order to have a successful boondocking trip, you’ll want to have an RV that’s equipped to go longer periods of time without hookups.

Here are a few things that make a great boondocking RV:

Awnings – since you want to use as little power as possible, these help shade your RV from the sun and keep it from heating up inside. Browse our RVs with awnings.

Solar prep – with no hookups to power, you’ll have to work off of your RV battery or camp without using power. An RV that has solar prep means it’s wired for you to easily install solar panels on top, which gives you more flexibility with your power while boondocking. Browse our RVs with solar prep.

Large holding tanks – you can only use the freshwater you brought with you, and you can only camp until your grey or black tanks are full. With bigger holding tanks, you can stay out for longer without having to find the nearest dump station or refill on freshwater for drinking and showers.

Outside kitchen – keeping cool while boondocking in the summertime is a must. An outdoor kitchen allows you to get all your cooking done outside of the RV so the heat from the stove or grill releases outdoors instead of trapping heat inside the rig you’re trying to keep cool. Browse our RVs with outside kitchens.

This 2020 Forest River Flagstaff hard side pop up provides a simple but cozy boondocking experience. It’s lightweight and easy to tow and features a cassette toilet and shower and an exterior grill to keep the heat out of your RV.

For a boondocking trip with even more amenities, check out this 2020 Grand Design Imagine XLS. It has 43 gallons of freshwater capacity, solar panels, and a power awning to keep things cool.


Glamping is for the camper who wants to enjoy all the perks of RV life while still staying as pampered as you would be in a well-appointed hotel or a cozy sticks and bricks home. While it is more expensive, you get what you pay for. You’ll have all the comforts of modern life and still be able to enjoy the freedom of road tripping,.Exploring new places, and taking your vacation wherever you want it to go. When you’re searching for a great glamping RV, list the features that are non-negotiable for you when traveling, and start your search there.

This 2020 Keystone Montana is perfect for the glamper. The island kitchen features an oven, a stove, a microwave, a residential fridge, and an icemaker. It has a king-sized bed with two hide-a-bed sofas, power theater seating, washer/dryer prep, and a fireplace.

If you prefer a travel trailer at a lower price point, check out the 2020 Grand Design Reflection. It’s a rear living floor plan that has 3 slideouts, 2 air conditioners, and washer/dryer prep. The island kitchen also has an oven, stovetop, microwave, and refrigerator. The living area has a fireplace, theater seating, and a sofa.

No matter which style you prefer, we have RVs at Northgate RV Center that fit your needs. We stock boondocking and glamping RVs at our Ringgold, Georgia, and Alcoa, Tennessee locations, and our representatives can help guide you in the right direction. Get started by looking through our inventory and giving us a call today!

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