Benefits of Camping Small

Here at Northgate RV, we know how important it is for you to find the RV of your dreams. Camping can be a beneficial and fun lifestyle, but some are hesitant to start once they see the prices of larger RVs and rigs. Well, we’re here to tell you – camping small is the way to go!

Of course, there are lots of advantages to camping in larger RVs and spaces, but choosing to purchase a smaller RV is where you’ll save most of your money. Worried about a small RV being less fun? Don’t be! Your rig is only a place for shelter. You are the fun! You may even learn to appreciate the space more after traveling in it for some time.

First, we’ll go through a few options you have if you’re considering camping small. Then, we’ll talk about a few benefits of packing light and what it can mean for your long-term health.

Pop ups are great in that they can fold down to nearly nothing when not in use. You can choose a fold-down camper that folds when you’re ready to pack up, or you can choose a hard side-A frame that holds up well in cooler climates because of their hard sides. Check out a few of our pop-ups here.

One pop up we can’t get enough of right now is the Forest River Flagstaff pop up. This hard side-A frame camper could be for you if you’re camping in a colder climate, or you can check out this brand new Forest River pop up if you’re camping in a warmer area.

A Few Benefits of Camping Small

Camping small can really be beneficial to your health, because you aren’t as distracted with all the technology that comes with larger motorhomes. You’ll often find yourself calm and at one with nature when you use your camper just for shelter. Keep reading for a few more benefits.

Benefits of Camping Small

  1. Maneuverability. One of the best things about choosing a small camper is that they’re pretty easy to drive and park. With large RVs, it can take lots of practice in learning how to pull one. With a small camper, they’re so light and small you’ll hardly notice you’re pulling anything along. And, they’re easy to park or maneuver into almost any location. Most of the time, they’re easily managed with just one person.
  2. Ease of towing. Like we said above, small campers are almost forgotten when being towed because they’re so lightweight. Because of this, whatever vehicle you have will probably work, and you won’t have to worry about getting a new tow truck.
  3. They are so much cheaper.
  4. They’re cozy! Let’s face it – we all enjoy being comfy and cozy at some point during a camping trip. It’s much easier to cuddle up in a small camper than a large one, and you’re closer to your co-campers. If it’s cold out, they’ll heat up much faster, amping up the coziness factor.
  5. Easier to maintain. Winterizing an RV is a lot of work. With a smaller camper, that process will go much faster. There isn’t as much to maintain, to put it simply. Campers are normally left out in the weather during the offseason, so it’s usual for corroding or other small things start to tear, but it’s on a much smaller scale.
  6. You’re able to travel to more places. Campgrounds and parks often have weight restrictions on campers and RVs. If you choose to camp small, you shouldn’t have any problems abiding by said guidelines. And, because they’re so small, you’re able to fit into smaller spaces if campgrounds are booked.
  7. You’ll use less gas. If you’re pulling less weight, you’ll use less fuel. It will depend on the vehicle you’re using to tow, though. If you look specifically at motorhomes, A Class A or C often only get up to six or seven miles per gallon. Towing a small camper behind you will not drop your mileage down that far.
  8. Ease of storage. For larger RVs, a separate storage unit or garage is often required. This is something not many people consider before purchasing their motorhome. A small camper can easily fit in a garage and usually doesn’t need its own storage space. If you purchase a van, like a Class B, you can leave that out all season, as long as it has been winterized properly. Sure, you could store your Class A in your driveway, but would you want it taking up all the extra space you have?

Camping Small with Northgate RV


Benefits of Camping Small

Right now, we have multiple Forest River pop-ups available on our lots in Ringgold, Georgia, and Alcoa, Tennessee for you to shop. These are small but mighty campers that are tailored to fit your needs. Many come with bathrooms and air conditioners and are great for first-time campers or short trips. So, if you are in the market for a new pop up camper, check out our extensive inventory and let us help you find what you are looking for today!

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