10 Ideas for Making your RV feel like Home

Regardless of whether you RV full time or you’re a weekend warrior, it’s important to make your rig feel like home. You invest lots of time and money into it, and you want it to feel familiar and cozy on the inside. But, it can be difficult to bring those comforts of home on the road, especially if you have a small space.

At Northgate RV, we’re often asked how we make our RVs feel comfy and cozy. Below is a list of a few ways we create a warm and inviting living space in our RVs.

10 Ideas for Making your RV feel like Home

Bring some trinkets from your stationary home. Nothing will make your RV feel more like home than adding a few of your favorite keepsakes and trinkets to the walls or surfaces. It could be your favorite kitchen utensil, favorite wall décor, or even your favorite blanket to snuggle up with on the couch at the end of a long day. Anything that will remind you of the home will be perfect!

To make this idea even better, bring your favorite slippers, robe, coffee cup, and your DVDs and have a movie night inside the RV. Or, simply enjoy the silence over a hot cup of tea or coffee. Having these small comforts of home in your rig can turn it into space you love in no time.

Create a playlist of your favorite songs. It may seem odd, but you know how that one certain song takes your back to a special moment in your life? It’s the same idea here. RVing full or even part-time comes with a ton of emotions, and music can make a monumental difference in the environment. Things will go wrong. Things will break. It will rain when the forecast called for sunshine. Music is a great way to diffuse high-stress situations and to keep emotions at bay.

When you look back, you’ll have all these amazing memories to look back on when you hear a song that was on your RV playlist.

You can find some great Bluetooth options that are inexpensive but pump out some impressive sound.

Use an oil diffuser. This will help eliminate any odd or lingering smells especially if you bought a used RV. Most essential oils aren’t expensive, and they’ve got tons of mind and body benefits. You can even get creative and combine oils for a mix-up. Even if you’ve had your RV for a while, it doesn’t take long for it to start smelling. Opening up the windows and plugging in an oil diffuser will make your RV smelling like a field of lavender in no time.

Install a floating bookshelf. For us, one of the best ways to cozy up an RV is to add a bookshelf for trinkets and books. Bringing along your favorite books, and even cookbooks helps bring a piece of home with you on the road.

Decorate with plants. Every household should have a plant for decoration. Even a small succulent that is low maintenance will help brighten and liven up any room in your RV. If you don’t want a succulent, be sure you find a low-shade plant that will thrive without direct sunlight.

Add a backsplash. One of the easiest, (and cheapest) ways to upgrade the look of your RV is to add a backsplash to the kitchen and bathroom walls. There are even sticky backsplashes made so you can change them as your style changes. They elevate the look of any room, and who isn’t looking for a quick upgrade? Ceramic tiles aren’t usually recommended in a moving vehicle, so stick-on backsplashes are the way to go. These will help eliminate any grease stains to your RV walls, too. If you plan on using them above your stove, make sure you check its resistance to heat.

Purchase modern pieces of furniture that have multiple purposes. Furniture pieces like ottomans are great additions to RVs because they make the space look and feel homier, and they’ve got more than one purpose. Open them up and toss in your personal items, and use it as a footrest at the end of the day. Some RV couches don’t have space or option to recline, so an ottoman is a cheap way to put your feet up and relax. They’re also lightweight so you won’t have a problem moving them around.

Replace the factory bed with a bed you like. Everyone functions better on a full night’s sleep, and it’s impossible for that to happen with a comfortable bed. You can either do it the hard way and attempt to install your bed in the master bedroom, or you can find an easy to install mattress topper that won’t cost you too much more.

Purchasing a mattress topper will help you sleep easy at night without the headache of trying to fit your king size bed into your RV!

Add a rug. You can add rugs in the living room, one in the kitchen where you wash dishes, and even in a small on in the bathroom to bring the room together. Rugs add lots of warmth to space, literally and figuratively. This is a simple and quick way to warm up a chilly morning or add a splash of color to any room.

Bring your favorite blanket and pillows. Nothing says comfort like a good blanket and book to curl up with on the couch. It doesn’t have to match the color scheme of your RV – especially if it’s your favorite blanket. Adding a little bit of quirk to your rig will only make it feel that much more like home.


We hope these tips help you make your RV feel a bit more like home. What matters is that you’re comfortable in your space and you love to be there. After all, in the RV world, home is where you park it.

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